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VR/AR Software Development Agency

Core Lab + 


Virtual Reality

Simulation, Training and Demo Applications

Human Computer Interaction

Gesture, Haptic, Touch, Traditional HCI

3D Visualisation

Photorealstic, Captivating, Explanatory,

HD, 4K

Drone Scanning


Augmented Reality

Simulation, Training and

Demo Applications

Gesture Recognition



We develop photorealistic 3D visualisations and interactive products from start to finish 

Ultra-High Resolution


Our Real-Time Photorealistic 3D offers truly realistic visuals based on 50.6 Megapixel photo-textures. Our models are optimised 3D meshes for smooth real-time interaction and for use in different operating systems, VR and AR applications.

  • CL+ VR Medical

Precision & Efficiency

For Optimum Performance

The final 3D visualisations are modelled and developed with precision whilst still maintaining efficient 3D structural integrity that could perform both in pre-rendered and real-time VR applications.

Our Standards

We work passionately for every project and we always strive towards delivering outstanding applications, visualisations and interfaces. Prior starting any project we are keen to listen to your ideas and identify your product needs. It is very important for us to find out your users' requirements and your market characteristics before the development stage.  

Our 3D models are fully functional and anatomically correct. The final products are developed in collaboration with Consultant Medical Doctors in UK hospitals specialised on each part of the human body. Our models and VR applications are used by NHS.

Photorealistic VR Immersive Environments

In Core Lab +,

we develop Photorealistic Virtual Reality environments which can completely immerse the user.



  • CL+ Architecture

Digital Heritage Preservation & VR/AR Immersive Environments

Digital Scanning and 3D visualisation of listed buildings, monuments or other properties. Our 3D models can be used for heritage preservation, decision making of future building users, or refurbishment.   If the client requires the models can be further developed for VR or AR immersive walk or fly through.



  • CL+ Architecture

Drone scanned point cloud image

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Core Lab + offers an extensive array of 2D, 3D, Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, Drone Scanning, Gesture Recognition and Haptic tools in order to provide and present our clients with bespoke and novel applications. Our group is specialised in the development of advanced Human Computer Interactive (HCI) systems and User Experience (UX) for Real-Time 3D/VR applications. We have excellent 2D capabilities to develop or complement any project and complete fully functional and aesthetically pleasing systems and visualisations.


Depending on the project we can provide advanced visualisation and simulation solutions for VR headsets, smartphones, tablets, 3DTVs and 4K Ultra-high resolution outputs.

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