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Core Lab

3D Medical

Photorealistic, anatomically correct 3D models developed for VR, real-time interactive, applications.

The final 3D visualisations are modelled and developed with precision whilst still maintaining efficient 3D structural integrity that could perform both in pre-rendered and real-time VR applications.

Anatomically Correct 3D models

  • CL+ VR Medical

Correct Anatomy and Pathology

Our 3D models are fully funtional and anatomically correct models. The final products are developed in collaboraiton with Consultant Medical Doctors in UK hospitals specialised on each part of the human body. Our models and VR applications are verified and used by NHS hospitals.

  • CL+ VR Medical


Simple and efficient interface offering enjoyable system usability

Modular HCI: Customisable interfaces for VR/AR or touchsreen applications

Large area for 3D model viewing without cluttering overlapping information 

Educational support and performance analysis -  Useful information for medical training and/or patient concent.

Real-Life applications

3D and VR Real-Time applications designed and tested  by medical doctors. Surgical rehersal and training applications currently used in NHS hospitals.

3DKnee_Regional Anaesthesia Anatomy3.jpg

Real-Time VR Medical Training

Photorealistic, fully interactive, VR applications, customised for different medical training requirements. Applications developed for anatomy training and surgical rehearsal.

Macro to Micro 

Detailed and Photorealistic 3D Visualisations for any time of medical requirements spanning from  

macro to micro level 

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Core Lab + offers an extensive array of 2D, 3D, Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, Drone Scanning, Gesture Recognition and Haptic tools in order to provide and present our clients with bespoke and novel applications. Our group is specialised in the development of advanced Human Computer Interactive (HCI) systems and User Experience (UX) for Real-Time 3D/VR applications. We have excellent 2D capabilities to develop or complement any project and complete fully functional and aesthetically pleasing systems and visualisations.


Depending on the project we can provide advanced visualisation and simulation solutions for VR headsets, smartphones, tablets, 3DTVs and 4K Ultra-high resolution outputs.

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