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3D model of Heritage Building developed by Drone Scans

Core Lab

3D Architecture

VR photo-realistic 3D buildings developed with attention to detail.

Passion for Detail

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Ultra high-resolution 3D models developed with the use of Professional Drone scanning technology. Our models capture every single possible detail of actual buildings. The ultra high resolution of the 3D models can be used for preserving crucial architectural, structural and material information of  Heritage buildings

Drone scanned point cloud image

VR Model of Modern bulding in Scotland
VR Model of Modern bulding in Scotland

We are specialised in 3D Visualisation of Large-scale facilities and Building Information Modelling projects.

The beautifully developed 3D visualisations are complemented with real-time explanatory information for each building stage and section. 


VR Museum applications

VR Applications and installations designed for museums.

Visitors can explore accurately developed 3D models of artefacts, buildings and places.

When VR is...Real

Our products push the boundaries of VR photorealistic models.

The VR environments replicate beautifully the real surroundings, light and weather conditions of each building or other 3D structure.

Real Photo of Modern bulding used as reference for the VR model.
VR Model of Modern bulding

VR 3D Photorealistic Model

Real Building Photograph

VR /AR Applications

Detailed and Photorealistic 3D Visualisations optimised for fully immersive VR walkthrough applications.

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About Us 

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Core Lab + offers an extensive array of 2D, 3D, Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, Drone Scanning, Gesture Recognition and Haptic tools in order to provide and present our clients with bespoke and novel applications. Our group is specialised in the development of advanced Human Computer Interactive (HCI) systems and User Experience (UX) for Real-Time 3D/VR applications. We have excellent 2D capabilities to develop or complement any project and complete fully functional and aesthetically pleasing systems and visualisations.


Depending on the project we can provide advanced visualisation and simulation solutions for VR headsets, smartphones, tablets, 3DTVs and 4K Ultra-high resolution outputs.

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