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tel. 0044-141-6280555

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Depending the projects, we may need casual freelancers in 3D visualisation or software development. We will post job listings on our website. Although we keep CV's on file, please keep in mind that we may only respond if there's a suitable position available.


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We’re always keen to hear from smart and tealented individuals. If you still think you’re the one to help us deliver best-in-class 3D design services – drop us an email telling us a bit about why you think you’d be a great fit, along with your CV and sample work to:

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Core Lab + offers an extensive array of 2D, 3D, Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, Drone Scanning, Gesture Recognition and Haptic tools in order to provide and present our clients with bespoke and novel applications. Our group is specialised in the development of advanced Human Computer Interactive (HCI) systems and User Experience (UX) for Real-Time 3D/VR applications. We have excellent 2D capabilities to develop or complement any project and complete fully functional and aesthetically pleasing systems and visualisations.


Depending on the project we can provide advanced visualisation and simulation solutions for VR headsets, smartphones, tablets, 3DTVs and 4K Ultra-high resolution outputs.

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